C4ISR Capabilities

Aerostat Surveillance Systems

The Persistent Surveillance Systems -Tethered provide a persistent surveillance and situational awareness capability that enables the warfighter to find, fix, track, target, and engage direct or indirect fire threats. PSS-T systems also provide force protection support by extending communications networks beyond line of sight.

Acoustic Sensors

Send customized acoustic detection locations to queue camera systems to areas of responsibility, thereby focusing surveillance efforts on areas of concern.

Full Motion Video

Provide the battle commander Full Motion Video (FMV) capability in support of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations worldwide.


Designed and optimized for tracking targets against difficult radar clutter conditions. Accurately and reliably detect and track land, maritime and air targets of interest from platforms such as aerostats, towers, UAVs and mobile vehicles. Provide a 360° wide-area persistent situational awareness to land, air and maritime missions.

Raid Towers

Raid towers are tailor able to provide the optimum platform height for a given mission or tactical situation. The tower and trailer variants are mobile, easily emplaced, and utilize Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology and Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) generators. The different configurations make raid towers extremely versatile in support of full spectrum operations.